Top 7 cultural and behavioral change in internet users in India

by Editor

09 Aug 2020

Study of Internet user and its behavioral pattern in India

There are over 500 million active internet users in India. Affordable smartphones and data packages have boosted the digital beyond big cities, empowering both urban and rural users who can now access the internet to achieve their goals and aspirations.

As per a report published by Think with Google, There are seven behavioral trends which will be making impact on Internet usage in India.

1. Proud to be an Indian

As reported in Think with Google, While early internet users in India once saw the internet as a window to idolize global personalities, they now use it to admire the growing number of Indians on the world stage. “I am a big fan of Priyanka Chopra. It’s amazing how she moved from Bollywood to Hollywood and made a name for herself,” said Ritika, a 22-year-old college student from Delhi. “I've watched all the seasons of ‘Quantico,’ and watching it makes me very proud.” “People don’t look up to hero figures as much as they used to because there is a strong belief that they, as individuals, can be looked up to as well,” said Vikas Gupta, head of customer, marketing, and digital business for Flipkart. “Digitization has only made this trend stronger.” “There is an increasing degree of confidence that we are seeing from new internet users.” New internet users don’t feel the need to reflect, copy, or appropriate the behavior of early internet users. “I think once upon a time the aspiration or the belief was that one can only be successful when one moves to the big city,” said John Thangaraj, national planning director at FCB Ulka. “At a mass level, that still is the case, but I think there is an increasing degree of confidence that we are seeing from new internet users. People have realized that they don’t have to behave like someone else [and want] to be authentic.”

2. Speak my native language, respect my identity

New internet users are not as urbanized as its early adopters, with access to vernacular content online, Desi users are showing a sense of pride and connection to their local languages. They do not see aspiration value in English anymore. As per a report on Think with Google, Just 16% of users now a days choosing to watch a video in English over their local language. So content creators are also changing their content accordingly and releasing more content in local languages. This shift has seen users getting more engaged and involved with the contents.

3. Connecting more With near & dear ones

These days,internet users are connecting and socializing with their family and friends more than ever before. As per Think with Google Report, one of the top four reasons Indians watch online video is to connect and bond with people. their studies show that while people have enjoyed their personal space online but they value community bonding and like to connect with their families.

4. No age-bar for learning

Internet has always fueled its users' strong desire to learn, and it has made learning easily accessible, flexible, and interesting for them. New internet users are also following the same zeal and desire to learn, As per a report published in Think with Google, Recently, India has seen a 2.5X increase in the average number of weekly queries for “teach online” as well as a 75% year-on-year increase in weekly search interest for “learn online. As stated by a Senior Marketing Profession at Google India. “Four in five consumers come to YouTube to learn something new, and this universal desire to learn and advance is not unique to just certain segments.”

5. Freedom to research and become independent

The internet has widened the knowledge horizon for women in India, providing them huge access to knowledge and freedom to explore new possibilities with confidence.  Moms are finding it easier to research what is good for their infants or kids online. It has given them a huge sense of empowerment. As per the study shown and reported by Think With Google, Indian women with early access to the internet are prioritizing their professional careers, renting their own apartments, and traveling on their own. Newer internet users have seen a truly new meaning of Independence by watching movies online, using apps to pay their bills or buy their groceries,foods etc.

6. Entertain & unwind without a fuss

As per Think with Google Report, More than half of India’s online video viewers watch to de-stress, enjoy, and fill time. With the advent of so many OTT platforms available online, New users are flooded with options to choose the kind of video content they want. These entertainment videos are watched through out the day. For new users, after a long day at work, they want to unwind by watching the content of their choice and online video channels like You Tube, Social Media Platforms like FACEBOOK, Movie Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. are giving them a reason to entertain themselves and unwind without making a fuss about that.

7. True & authentic is the way forward

Internet demands authenticity from brands, celebrities, users. If you do not show consistent behavior, you will be called out and people will question you, carefully curated image building may be the thing of past. You must present the most authentic version of yourself online to engage with internet users in India. To win internet users in India the Mantra is to be real, authentic and relatable.  Indian internet users are continuously evolving. With the internet penetration going to remote areas of the country, the users' behavioral and cultural pattern will hugely impact the internet consumption pattern in India.

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