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Content Writing and Marketing

BrandGyani’s content marketing services help a client increase website traffic from its online marketing channels. These online marketing channels may be social media, search engines, or various online publishers. Our content writers produce relevant content to engage your audience, build trust, and influence users’ purchasing decisions. BrandGyani helps with content strategy development, content writing, editing, and publishing to your website.

Why Content Marketing?

Content works like a soul of a brand. By creating compelling and valuable content that can trigger the emotions of the target audience, a brand can earn huge trust with its users and prospects. Research shows the more content your audience consumes and engages with, the probability of the conversion is more.


Benefits of BrandGyani Content Writing and Marketing Services

By using our regular content writing and marketing services, your website can attract 8x more traffic than your current traffic

Lesser Cost than outbound marketing

Our Content Writing and Marketing Services can generate 3x more lead than outbound marketing

Content marketing services will enhance the brand image and build reputation of the brand.

Content marketing is far more cost effective than any other form of advertising. It accelerates the conversion process. BrandGyani’s content marketing services helps a client generate effective and SEO friendly content which not only drive good business value but also help enhance the online marketing presence of the brand.

Content Marketing Strategy

The first step BrandGyani content marketing team will take with your business is to craft a unique strategy. We will research your buyer’s persona and learn more about your customers. This will help us write content that appeals to them. In addition, we will develop a blog calendar, allowing you to see what topics we will be writing about and when they will be published. Finally, before publishing any deliverables, we will send all content to you in advance for you to approve.


Content Development

Our content is professionally written, edited, and published internally to produce consistent and quality content for your business. The content that we develop will be unique to your business and published to your website. All content must be published to a WordPress blog or similar CMS. If your content is hosted on another website, we can create a WordPress blog for you. you can also choose to go for an outsourced linked building service provider( and content writing service provider(