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Digital Marketing Services

Become Big with our online marketing services and let grow your business with ease.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

With the growing online space, a brand’s website must be search engine optimized. Google and another search engine must start taking note of your website which can happen from writing good content based on the correct set of keywords, creative presentation of the website H1 tag, etc.

Some of the SEO Tips and Techniques we use to enhance the search page ranking of your websites are:-

- Decreasing the load rate of the website, Bringing it down to less  

   than 4 seconds.

- Securing the website with HTTPS

- Making the website mobile responsive

- Engaging and valuable contents are placed for better                            engagement

- Long-tail keywords are researched and implemented for relevant    traffic on the website.

- Optimized content for featured snippets adds value to the visitors    and helps in finding relevant content easily. We do this too.

- Video content are optimised for better visibility 



How does BrandGyani SEO Benefit you?

We follow PENTA-PRO Technique in SEO Process: -

Evaluation & Analysis

BrandGyani Team first gets familiar with a client’s business, its target audience and business goals. After that we do SWOT analysis of the platform where we evaluate the content, mapping, code, and keyword density.

Strategy and Goal Setting

BrandGyani Team of Experts develops a tailor-made plan to take client’s current platform and recreate it into a web and mobile destination that starts ranking ahead and higher for the keywords the target users are searching for.

Technical Setup

BrandGyani Team Implements SEO technical requirements such as Important tools, dashboards, and analytics process so we keep monitoring the Process and ensure its success.

Execution of On-Site Optimization

BrandGyani Team now starts executing the On-Page or On-Site optimization by cleaning up a client’s web page code, its content, its functional and design architecture, site map, keyword usage and more.

Relentless and Non-Stop Optimization

BrandGyani keeps providing non-stop on-page optimization, category, and product-specific blogging, continuous link-building with customized approach to make an everlasting success story for the brand.

Our Flagship Penta-Pro Methodology leaves no stone unturned for the success of your site and helps you build your online presence in the most effective way.

Social Media Optimisation

Social media expands a brand’s reach to a wider set of audiences with a strong and effective digital presence. The creative and impactful social media platforms of a brand help in changing its prospects into loyal users. It attracts more people and gets more leads converted into users or clients. The Target audience will engage with the brand and helps the brand become popular with its social media presence. BrandGyani can help a brand take productive benefits of the social media channels which will provide them with qualified leads and drive the relevant audience to the client’s web and mobile platforms.


Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is Google’s paid service to help to find the targeted users online. Google Adword Services enables a brand to work on keyword research and analysis with an optimized landing page on the websites. With PPC advertising BrandGyani team can on behalf of its client’s agreed bidding rates and manage to keep the budget in mind with continuous monitoring to achieve the desired ROI. In this case, when a user clicks on the ad, a brand pays. With PPC, BrandGyani helps a brand in getting leads that can further be converted into business.

How does a Brand get Benefitted from BrandGyani?

Launch the brand with effective messaging attracting a larger set of audience

Customised Reach and Targeting

Low Cost with Continuous Campaign optimization

Higher Conversion rate

Measurable with ROI Driven Results

Become More Competitive and Visible vis-à-vis your competition