Top 7 Digital Marketing Mistakes by Brands in 2022

by Govind Mishra

16 Aug 2020

Digital Marketing Mistakes by Businesses in 2022

Your digital marketing strategy is important for your brand to create its own niche in this ever-evolving business world. If you get this right, you will be able to reach out to your consumer and engage with them effectively. The most common goal for the digital marketing is to show up when your prospects are looking for your business or your competitors and keep them connected with you. Remember, it is a tricky business with multiple aspects of strategies like search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and paid advertising, so it may be easier for you to make mistakes and end up loosing money with no results.

When you plan your digital marketing efforts for your brand. What are the common mistakes that you may end up making? We will look at all the common mistakes here so that you can avoid while planning and executing your digital strategy: -

1. No distinctly defined digital marketing objective

One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes you can make is prepare a marketing campaign with no defined goal. If you do not set objectives, you will not know what is happening with your campaign. Your campaign will go completely out of focus, you will not know what you are achieving out of your campaign.

No goals mean you do not know where your business is heading which may lead up to disastrous results. But if you have set up a goal but the goal is not realistic, even if you have implemented that well, you may not get the desired result in this case also. Tracking your goals is equally important else you will not know if your campaign is successful, you will not know how and where to improve the results of your digital campaigns.

How to avoid making an unfocussed digital marketing plan-

  • Keep it specific, realistic, measurable, achievable precisely targeted & time bound
  • Determine KPIs for your specific goals
  • Track your KPIs using Google Analytics
  • Keep checking ROI & ROAS (Return on ad spend)

2. Wrong consumer targeting

One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes a digital marketer makes is targeting the wrong audience.

  • Sometimes they go broad
  • Targeting without research and go completely wrong with targeting

How to avoid this digital marketing mistake: -

  • Creating Buyer’s/User’s Personality using demographics, interests, buying behaviour,
  • Track competition data through various resources
  • Test your campaign for broader and narrow audience both, evaluate the result first on smaller data compare and move ahead with one which is giving you better result

3. Lack of user-friendly website and Campaign

    landing page

If your campaign landing pages and website is not user friendly, you will end up losing interests of your website visitors. It is important that your website has simple and convenient UI & UX with CTA (Call-to-action), images, search button and more.

How to avoid this mistake

  • Make your website responsive (mobile, tab, desktop)
  • Optimise the website with right keywords
  • Ensure the load-time of the webpages are not more than 3 to 5 seconds

4. No consistent SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes your business searchable on search engines. If you are not consistent with the SEO of your web assets, you are making a mistake. people will not find your business in the search results, as a result, you will lose traffic and valuable leads for your business.

SEO is a long-term consistent practice, you can not get results in a few days, you must have patience to give the SEO strategy enough time to start showing results.

How to avoid this mistake: -

  • Search google trends
  • Look for most searched keywords in your business domain
  • Integrate these keywords in your contents
  • Produce high-quality user targeted valuable contents
  • Optimize your title tags
  • Keep checking your SEO scores

5. Focusing too much on social media assets

Social media networks like FB, Instagram, Twitter etc. give access to large number of audiences but focusing too much on creating audiences on social platforms sometimes may lead to disappointments. You must understand these platforms do not belong to you and are not fully controlled by you. In the name of updates, they change their algorithm periodically which change their rules of operations. These updates sometimes do not help with your earlier efforts.

How to avoid this mistake: -

  • Business should focus more on building own web/digital assets.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all social media platforms should be used but business should look to migrate the user data to your owned business assets


    6. Not using digital automation tools

    As per various digital media reports marketing is becoming increasingly automated with new innovative tools. There are so many tools like, Email marketing tools, Small business automation tools, campaign management tools, are available free and paid versions but it has been observed that only a small percentage of businesses are using these tools effectively. These business automation tools can make your business reach a success by leveraging email, social media, and various web services.

    How to avoid this mistake: -

  • Use free digital tools like Canva, HubSpot, Hootsuite, Malchimp, Salesforce, LeadPages
  • Campaign automation tools can help saving time of execution and help you focus more on analytics part to help improve the campaigns


    7. Lacking a consistent and uniform digital messaging

    When planning a digital campaign, the consistency of brand messaging must be kept in check. It has been observed that with so much content flowing through, maintaining a consistent brand identity aligned with all the relevant branding elements becomes difficult to manage, which in turn make the brand’s efforts look disjointed and unreliable.

    How to avoid this mistake: -

  • Create a brand book which has all the guidelines related to the brand/business (vision, mission, logo, brand-tone, brand-voice, colors etc.)
  • Audit all the web assets periodically
  • Agencies must be briefed and provided with all the brand assets and brand guides
  • All communications/campaign must adhere to the brand guidelines.

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