People Cards in Search from google now launched in India

by Editor-Digital Update

20 Aug 2020

"People Cards" allows people to create their public profile using search term

Google has announced a feature that allows almost anyone to create a kind of virtual business card in Google Search. Google India has launched a new feature in India called "People cards," which allows people to create their own public profile using the search term "add-on." [Sources: 2, 6]


Key features

The People Cards feature allows users to highlight their websites and other information they want others to see when they search for their name in Google Search. Basically, everything you want others to know about you is published on your map. Users can create a virtual "business card" in the search if they want, and the card links to their existing website. [Sources: 3, 12] 

If you ever want to edit the details of your Google People Card in the future, you can always tap the Edit button of your existing People Card. If you no longer want, need or want your personal maps to appear in Google Search, they can be deleted at any time. Google has completed the process of creating a simple GIF that we have attached below. [Sources: 0, 1, 10] 

Speaking of people cards, in its official blog post, Google talked about virtual business cards, where you can highlight existing websites and social profiles you want to see, as well as other information you want to let others know. Google said users need to remember that the more information they provide on their virtual business cards, the easier it is for people to view them. A People Card is a "virtual business card" that can help a person highlight websites, social media profiles they want to share with others, and other important information they want to share. [Sources: 0, 7] 

What is required to use this?

Google requires you to verify your mobile number to maintain the quality of the information on the People Cards. To create a person map in Google Search, a Google account is required, and in particular, you must provide a mobile phone number. In particular, a Google account and a specific mobile phone number are required to create personal maps for Google searches in India and in, among others, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, China, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey and the United States of America. A Google account, but in particular you don't need a specific mobile number, nor does it need a Google account to create a People Card in Google Search. [Sources: 9, 12] 

To create a personalised map in Google Search, a Google account is required, but in particular you need to provide your mobile number and you do not need a Google account. [Sources: 9] 


Different Process for Companies

This process is for creating individuals, but companies must follow a different process to see their maps in search results. To create your own personalised maps, sign up for a Google account and search the Google search console for "Add Search" and "Create Personalised Maps." To create your own personalised maps, you need to log into your Google account and log into the search console using your mobile number and mobile number, or search the Search and Create Personalised Maps page on the Google Search page. If you have created your own map, signed in to Google and logged into your search console with your mobile phone numbers and mobile number, you can search to add it to your search. [Sources: 0, 14] 


What Do You Get?

When you search for someone in Google Search, if you have a People Card, you can enable it to display their name, occupation and location data. When a user searches for a person's name and a virtual business card, or "people card," is available, the user can see a module with the name of the profession or location and tap the card to search, "he said. It will happen when you search for someone on Google and search for them, and when it appears in the "People Card" feature, it will appear along with the information on its website, according to Google. When users in India search for someone with a mobile phone, they see the location of the person, their phone number and mobile number, as well as the location of their office. [Sources: 5, 11, 12, 13] 

Users will initially only be able to use the identity cards in English, but the feature was introduced in India on Tuesday. From today, users across India will be able to discover the maps in English, "Google said in a statement. [Sources: 4, 7] 


Feature Limited to India

The People card function is limited to India for the time being and there are currently no expansion plans to share, "he said. The People Cards feature will be limited in India "for the time being," and there are no expansion plans "that we share now," he tells Gadges 360, but he tells Gadget 360 that in India it is "limited" to "share the times"; and "there is currently an expansion plan" to share. " [Sources: 14] 

From today, users in India could discover the maps in English, he said, and "from today" they could "discover" them. He said that from today, all users of India "can discover these maps." From today we say that from now on all users in India can discover these maps in England. It says that "from today" all users in India can discover these "maps" in English. [Sources: 8] 

















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