Google Comes up with New Snapshot Features for Android and IOS users

by Editor-Digital Update

28 Aug 2020

Google Assistant gets smarter with new updates showing more reminders and recommendations

Google has updated its Assistant feature called “Snapshot” for Android and iOS users. First rolled out in 2018, Google Assistant's Snapshot shows the user’s appointments, key reminders & notifications, commuting time to one place to other apart from many other features that help users in their day-to-day activities.

A few days back, Google has announced that they are adding more features to Assistant's Snapshot which include features like upcoming birthdays reminders, holidays, recommendations on podcasts, preferred restaurants, recipes & more. Not only that, but it has also made its accessibility far more convenient for users, Now, but they can also access this simply by using the command ‘Hey Google, show me my day’ which will automate the Assistant Snapshot; now they do not need to launch the google assistant and tap the icon to access its snapshot feature. This feature is already available for users who use the English version of Google Assistant. Expansion to other languages is planned soon as per reports.

Snapshot is based on user data and with the latest update, it recommends users with their various choices related to travel, food, etc.This news feature does not elevate Assistant productivity quotient much, but it does give users more reason to smile besides adding more credibility to Google's Assistant as a value addition for users.

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