Instagram Updates to Impact Your Digital Strategy in 2022

by Gitanjali

04 Mar 2022

Social Media Updates in 2022

Marketers are accustomed to the constant evolution of social media platforms and other digital marketing sites. Staying apprised of the changes is part of the job and implementing the changes into your strategies sets you apart from your competition. Each year, Instagram rolls out changes to improve its user experience. Users need to understand these changes, but more importantly, marketers need to understand them. There are four pivotal updates you can expect this year and each will have an impact on your marketing strategies:

  • The user experience
  • Increased focus on Instagram Video Content
  • Monetization for influencers and content creators
  • Security and controls


Whether these changes affect your clients’ marketing plans or your personal Instagram marketing plan, thoroughly understanding how to adapt to them makes you a better, more effective marketer. Keep reading to learn how to use these changes to your advantage as a digital marketer. CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE....

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