How to search great content for your digital marketing in 2022

by BrandGyani Team

27 Mar 2022

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 Are you just relying on Google searches to find helpful and relevant content marketing blogs or inspirational resources for your new digital marketing campaigns?

Your competitors may already have tried many options by now but as they say "ok to be late than never".

As per some reports and studies conducted by various credible community groups like Content Marketing Institute Community. 

Given here the list of blogs, newsletters and content sites you should refer to search for your new content strategy.

Blogs, newsletters, and content sites


1.  Animalz

If you are a content marketer, the Animalz blog will serve you as a bank of intelligent insights on how content compilation and distribution work at larger scale. You will learn about how to curate thought leadership contents even when you are not yourself a thought leader yourself. Blogs have got a a perfect mix of strategic and tactical content around content marketing and you must-subscribe for contents that are there.

2. Backlinko

If you have just entered into the field of SEO and want to learn all about SEO, Backlinko may come across as the best resource you may find. It explains everything in detail with real-world examples. You can definitely go beyond SEO to all areas of online marketing, as they have content for everything there. you must see their newsletter, which is fully updated content and helps you keep updated with developments in the area of SEO and Digital Marketing.

3. The Content Strategist

Here you will see plenty of short-form blog posts on content marketing and digital business tips. You’ll see interesting stories, and links besides insightful videos.

4. Contentfolks

They offer some actionable advice towards customer-focused marketing and product-led content. Post on contentfolks are filled with examples and related anecdotes that will make it easier for you to understand and implement content marketing best practices.

5. CoSchedule

CoSchedule can assist you in exploring intelligent content marketing insights. The blog posts are mostly authored by experts from marketing agencies, a few inbound marketing gurus, and seasoned marketing professionals.

6. HubSpot

If you are not reading HubSpot blog, believe us you are missing some very important insights on digital marketing. See that, they have various blogs which are classified into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. There are plenty of information for you to consume and add them into your knowledge bank.

7. Marketing Dive

Here you will get insights on current events along with in-depth analysis for marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Overall, it’s a good resource of current marketing and digital news. you may also dive deeper into a subject or do more research. 

8. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is considered one of the best SEO guy in the business. He has so many blogs written to help any company go big with SEO by just doing some small changes in their SEO strategy. They also offer tools to help you run checks on your website to see if your efforts will yield you results or not. They also provide both video and written content for you to add to your online marketing domain.

9. Optimist

Optimist has blogs and article which relates to growth marketing and content strategy. There are chats, conversations, webinars, AMAs. It’s a trove of content marketing resources. you can also subscribe to their YouTube channel, where they invite so many great guests and conversations around the world of content marketing

10. Reforge

Reforge can be one of your favorite resources in online marketing. The content they assemble together shows the quality of knowledge and resource generation they have got themselves into, and you get great insight into the minds of experts from various industries. They finds these experts and works with them to share their insights with their community, and it’s just so empowering for everyone who wants to do well in digital marketing & strategy.

11. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal  is a collection of some great blogs, insights on how to build a digital business your audience and search engines will find exciting.

13. Search Engine Land

You must follow and read Search Engine Land for its huge insights and depth in contents produced by them. The best thing is that their blogs and articles have quotes from industry experts, thought leaders, so the information is absolutely genuine and credible.

14. SEO By The Sea

Many may not have heard of this but you must not miss them. SEO By The Sea is a blog run by Bill Slawski, a subject matter expert in SEO . His blogs provide detailed, well-researched suggestions for optimizing web content to match search engine guidelines, especially Google’s. You must go there and see their research summary on Google algorithm updates.

15. Social Media Examiner (and their podcast)

Do you want to get updated on all the latest trends on social media, Google algorithms? if yes, nothing can really beat the Social Media Examiner by Michael Stelzner. They provide you with some credible learning resources, especially with the recent trends and algorithm updates. You can use their well researched articles and blog posts for your next strategy presentation.

16. Superpath

This is a content marketing community that puts out blog posts, webinars, AMAs, and more, helping you build a strong foundation on your content strategy. Add this to your daily learning resource.


What else?

Besides the above listed learning resources, you should also refer to podcast and watch videos from various you tube channels of subject matter experts before creating your new content marketing strategy.


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