How to win the Instagram Game in 2022

by Gitanjali Mishra

30 Mar 2022

Get Viral on Instagram using a consistent and methodical approach

Instagram virality is what a marketer aspires to make big in the social marketing game. How you synchronize Instagram's algorithm and customer's desired content- experience is what will make the real difference here. Instagram's algorithm is in control of the content which is being posted on the platform, it crawls them to determine the popularity, value, and relevance of the post for an audience segment or individual. Given how Instagram controls its content's visibility


What is a content marketer to do? 

It comes down to two important approaches
- Engaging your followers and make them act, and
- Continuously optimizing your content for quick discovery.


How do you want your followers to behave, act or engage

1) Number of actions taken by followers immediately after publishing

The number of likes, comments, and shares within a few hours of the post going live shows value and popularity to the Instagram algorithm. Prime your audience You must Announce your scheduled post before its release. Be Consistent in your approach

  • 2) Find people to feature your content on their feeds

Increase story shares. Include a call to action asking others to share. Discover accounts targeting similar audiences, particularly those with a good number of followers, Ask them to share your post to their story for a day, sometimes you can do the same for them or pay small nominal money too sometimes if their feed has a large number of followers.

  • 3) Ask people to send your post to their friends

Just write something like this in your post description and headline: “Send this to your friend who really needs to hear it.”

  • 4) Make it so entertaining and relevant that they archive your content

You must create such knowledge-driven and/or entertaining content which motivates people to save your post so they can easily come back to it.

  • 5) Engage with those who are engaged with your post

You don't leave your post alone, you must ensure that you are responding to every comment left on your post. This will help you double your total comment numbers. Ask them to tag their friends and family members ask others to tag friends and you must pin the most popular comment to the top of the post.

By following these rules you can definitely conquer the algorithm of Instagram but also make it a rule to add as many sentiments, emotions to your posts. Instagram just loves sentiment. Sentiment analysis tools are looking at your post consistently, give them something.

"To encourage longer consumption times, create an experience instead of just a picture postListicle-style carousel posts or mini-stories that warrant four to five posts for the price of one indicate a big reveal at the end, prompting users to keep viewing. Lengthier captions also can be helpful for this"  

                                                                                           ( As per content marketing institute)

Optimize your page and posts for rapid discovery

 Here are the best practices you must consider for your Instagram Posts to enable them for quick discovery

  • Best fit post size for engagement.

    Posts that take up the larger part of the screen work better. The ideal ratio is 4:5. The image is slightly longer vertically and covers the whole screen in the feed.

No Square post Please as it draws users’ eyes away from your content and pushes them to keep scrolling to a handle’s content that is more distinctly visible.


  • Timing for the post-release

  • As per various research reports best time to post on Instagram for engagement is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays in your target audience’s time zone. But do Pay attention to your engagement analytics to help inform your timing decision.

  • Consistent post publishing frequency

  • Nothing beats the daily posting but you must aim for a five-time per week frequency

For a content discovery purpose always Use hashtags, emojis, and unique fonts. you can also use tools like a fancy text generator to stylize your headlines or captions. You must add alt text for organic search and tag others to be found by similar audiences.  Add some trending keywords to your alt text. Tag relevant l accounts with a larger follower base in your posts. You will get a better reach for your posts. Also Add a location, CTA, shoppable component, or other relevant details to help Instagram understand the purpose of your post, Your location, your TG. All that additional data will make Insta-algorithm helps you hit it big.


Blow your own trumpet-DMs, Cross Promotions

Right after you post-release, you must mass deliver (individual) messages to others likely to engage with that content. Cross-promote your Post by sending direct links to relevant social media groups relevant Facebook groups. A post’s embed code used on an (ideally high-ranking) website also can serve as a vote of confidence to Instagram.


Understand Instagram and its purpose

You have to understand the purpose and objective of Instagram and its algorithm. It doesn’t exist to help your content reach out to a larger audience just because it’s good content, Rather its aim is to show the audiences what they’re most likely to be engaged and immersed with.

If you keep this in mind – and work to address that understanding – your Instagram will definitely hit it big.


(This article has been curated by Gitanjali Mishra)


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